Jr. Club Wrestler/Parent Code of Conduct

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 Durham Wrestling Club Code of Conduct


Welcome to the Durham Wrestling Club. Our Club places great importance upon helping young student-athletes by involving them in an athletic program which builds character, self-esteem and emphasizes team work. Discipline, hard work, and cooperation act as the foundation of this effort. In that vein we have developed these standards by which we expect each player and parent to abide by.


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  1. I understand that being a “Durham Trojan Wrestler” is a privilege and I promise to uphold the high standards of all school/club policies and the Northern California Junior High Wrestling Section Rules.
  2. I agree to follow the instructions of the coaches and club officers without dissent.
  3. I understand that disruptive behavior and failure to follow instructions are grounds to be dismissed from practices, dual meets, tournaments and any other club functions.
  4. I agree to attend all scheduled practices, dual meets, and tournaments. If I am unable to attend, my parents/guardian or I will contact my coach prior to the scheduled time and date. Lack of participation and/or disruptive participation are grounds for dismissal.
  5. I agree to encourage my teammate’s efforts and NOT criticize their mistakes.
  6. I agree to conduct myself in a sportsman like manner at all times while attending all wrestling events. Violations of sportsmanship are considered physical or non-physical acts and can occur before, during, or after a match. They include, but are not limited to failing to comply with the directions of the referee, pushing/shoving, biting, striking, kicking, swearing, taunting, throwing headgear, spitting, and indicating displeasure with a referee’s judgment call.
  7. I understand that I will be given one warning of a violation during the current wrestling season. If a second violation occurs I may be asked to leave the event or practice facilities.
  8. I agree to take good care of the wrestling equipment that is issued to me. I understand that I am responsible for the loss or damage due to my misuse or abuse of the equipment. I further agree to return all equipment issued to me by the Durham Wrestling Club in a timely manner at the conclusion of the season.
  9. I agree to work hard in school and complete all my homework in an effort to maintain a 2.0 GPA. I further understand that any use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or drugs will be grounds for disciplinary action or may result in the immediate dismissal from the Durham Wrestling Club.
  10. I understand that the above listed standards are not negotiable and must be adhered to.